Alberta Business Directory is Now Open

As the owner of Alberta Business Directory, I’m pleased to announce that the site is now open for new registrations and the submission of new businesses to our directory. Also, churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship can also be submitted to the directory as well. If you are located in Alberta, this is the directory to be added to!

We will be adding new features in the future like featured listings, claim your own listings, multiple location support, and other useful features as we go along. They will be announced here in the news as we add them.

Right now, we just offer free listings (which expire after one year) and the ability to buy advertising slots (for various amounts of time from 3 days to 1 year) on the website. We are eventually going to add featured listings with support for payments via Paypal or Stripe.

I will be adding more subcategories to the directory in the future and I look forward to seeing this directory grow and flourish.

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